Marcus Alan Ward Hits MOTR Pub

Midwest Progressive Pop maestro Marcus Alan Ward is bringing his sound to MOTR Pub with local artist Culture Queer on Saturday, January 9th, as part of his 12 day "Capricorn Tour". The self taught multi-instrumentalist and Cleveland, Ohio native spent his middle and high school days in and out of bands, later discovering and being exposed to jazz, soul, hip hop, electronic music, and more obscure sounds in college. After releasing a pair of EP’s under the initial “Freeze-Tag” moniker (2012’s WLDFLWR_HNY and 2013’s Eskimo) the artist released his debut full length album Last Night I Grew Tentacles via his own Long Division Recordings in August of 2014, under his own name. 

What prompted you to make music your career? Was there ever another path you may have taken?
I'd say the universe guided me in a musical direction, and still does. I was fortunate enough to have parents that let me try anything when I was growing up, and when I got a guitar for my 14th Christmas it just stuck. I was fascinated by music then, and I still am today. No plans for anything else. 

Your new album features covers of Santana and Sade. Given that, I am assuming that your music taste is all over the board. What is your favorite generation of music?
That's a tough one.. Zeppelin is my all time favorite, but the 70's aren't my favorite era. I went through an 80's obsession earlier this year, but lately I find myself reminiscing on the early 2000's.. It's really the last time rock bands ruled the mainstream, or at least shared the mainstream with the rappers. I'm always going back to the great bands I listened to in middle school/high school like The White Stripes, The Killers, Interpol, The Mars Volta, The Blood Brothers, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, The Strokes, Bloc Party and so many more.

What can one expect at a live Marcus Alan Ward show?
Expect lots of black, lots of silver. Lots of sequin, mirrors, rhinestones. Lots of magic. A little bit of music. 

What is next for Marcus Alan Ward?
After these Capricorn dates I'll be working on another Spring/Summer tour, as well as the release of a new single. I'm really excited to put these new sounds out there!