MULTIMAGIC Talks Cannon Ball, WNKU and More

MULTIMAGIC is presenting the first event of a bi-annual series held at the historic Woodward Theater! The inaugural concert will feature special guests Indigo Wild, Young Heirlooms, The Yugos, as well as a headlining performance by MULTIMAGIC.

MULTIMAGIC has also been selected as WNKU’s Local Discovery band of December! We jumped at the chance to talk with Mia Carruthers about this exciting time for MULTIMAGIC.

It’s so great to see artists support each other. Tell us about how The Cannon Ball came to be…
We agree! And the Cannon Ball has a few strands of origin. 

When we came together as a band, the five of us agreed that we would approach this project (MULTIMAGIC) strategically and utilize our combined experience. We've all spent 10 plus years making and performing music in Cincinnati. We've seen ups and downs, made mistakes - and witnessed the incredible growth of the scene in the last 5 years. More venues, more talent, bigger festivals and more support of the local scene. That's why we're aiming to change the perception of "local" music. 

The Cannon Ball is a way to showcase Cincinnati-based, touring acts that are taking a career-based approach to music. There are plenty of these acts! Every Winter and Spring, the Cannon Ball will celebrate and support these artists as a ticketed event (formal dress encouraged) hosted by the Woodward Theater - the cornerstone of the Cincinnati music scene. The partnership with the Woodward is crucial. We feel the theater has the same potential as these up-and-coming bands and we want to see it flourish. It's the perfect fit for this mission. 

What do you want local music fans to get out of The Cannon Ball? Besides being able to dress up and hear some amazing music, which are two of my personal favorite things to do. 
Me too! As far as a fan takeaway, we've curated the event by virtue, not by genre - so, we'd love for the audience to come for the artists they know and be dazzled by the ones they haven't seen or heard yet. 

We also want fans to realize that our city is unique in it's amount of free shows / venues. If we want our scene to continue to grow and thrive, we need to support our Cincinnati-based artists and begin to place value on their live performances. By doing so, we will perpetuate the momentum of our city's talent and start attracting new talent from elsewhere.

MULTIMAGIC recently played CMJ. Impressive! How was the experience?
Yes! Thank you! The experience was a complete whirlwind. Gear in the subway, running around NYC like headless chickens, trying to win over every room we were lucky enough to be booked in... All in all? It was an incredible learning experience. We met some great people and really grew as a band.

Congrats on being selected for WNKU’s Local Discovery band for December! How does it feel to be selected?
Thank you so much! It feels like when your dad tells you he's proud of you. We're so fortunate to have a supportive community. Having the city behind us makes us even more motivated to represent Cincinnati positively. We love touting our Cincy pride when we travel.

What is next for MULTIMAGIC? 

We only have one day left in the studio, tracking. Then comes the mixing process and mastering. It should be completely wrapped up by this coming Spring ('16). We're already so proud and excited by what we have! 10 songs. We cannot wait to share it.