Chaos Before Conformity: Erin Coburn

Let’s just put this right up front and center, Erin Coburn hasn’t been doing this for twenty years or 10 she’s not 30 or 20, she is 14 and is releasing her debut album Chaos before Conformity. Listening to this album age means nothing because the playing is stellar. You would have no idea she was this young, and her live performances are much the same. Erin has a command on the stage that is second to none. She owes a lot of this to her teacher blues man and guitar man himself Mr John Redell who has been at this longer than most of us have been around, and he’s still going. This tag team has been at for a few years, and I first heard Erin’s name bouncing around last year so I went to Sis’ on Monmouth in Newport, Kentucky, and was blown away at what I saw and heard. This album that she is releasing encapsulates a live show, but gave way to experiment a little with songs. All these songs were written by her as well except for “Playin Fair” (Erin Coburn and Brandon Powell) and “Spontaneous Combustion” (Erin Coburn, Brandon Powell, Joe Nasser, Dixon Creasey Junior, and John Redell). She has really delved into every aspect of this process, and it shows in live performances and on this record.

Chaos before Conformity is ten songs featuring some fine rhythm and blues, by a group of musician’s that have been at it for a few years now. To record the album Erin enlisted the help of her long-time friends and bandmates: Brandon Powell (acoustic and electric guitars), Joe Nasser (drums), Dixon Creasey Junior (electric bass), and John Redell (electric guitar). These five have put together an albums worth of songs that shake rattle and roll, that blues it up, and songs that featuring guitar solos trading off and dancing as well. Lyrically these songs express somebody ready for what the future holds, and where she is going, and a girl that is just different.      

Take it and Run is the opening track to the album, and is a straight rhythm and blues song. Erin’s voice shines, and the guitars flourish with the rhythm section holding down said rhythm, which is basically the case throughout the album. Long Way To Go kicks things up a notch, and then through the next few it’s just blues. Blues doesn’t know an age.  Erin gets the blues she has a knack for it. She’s been playing it for a few years now, and she’s sharing and contributing into the experience. Fall Over Love is one of my favorite songs, a get up and go type of song. With chanting, and some blues guitar that could make heads turn and double take. I won’t give away the rest of the album I’ll just say that Erin has the chops and the humility as well. 

This album is merely a reflection of a live show the only difference is, no cover songs. Erin is quite a talent with her playing electric guitar, electric ukulele, and piano all of which get expressed on this album. Something that always impresses me is the wah pedal on her ukulele, it just always shocks me and makes me nod my head. This being said though I would kick myself I didn’t mention her support system, meaning her parents who are at every show, and for any musician that means a lot. To have the support and the willingness to help in any way possible is indeed something to be thankful for. It is truly a family affair with everyone in support. Even the animals down on her farm in Union, Kentucky they help as well just by lending an ear as Erin will just pick up something to play and walk around the house and farm.

This Saturday is her CD release party, and knowing Erin it will be a great time. She will be having it at Braxton Brewing Company from 7-10pm. Family friendly so bring the kids for raffles, and great music. She has The Joe Tellmann Band kicking things off and then she will take to the stage. Go show her some love folks. She is a talent on the rise, and she is doing some truly wonderful things musically. It is nice to see someone of her age take to this style of music like a fish to water. She just feels at home, and it translates on this record and in a live performance. Take the time head to Braxton Brewing Company Saturday evening, and spend it with a truly remarkable musician, Erin Coburn.