Royal Holland Release Second EP at MOTR

Royal Holland will be releasing his second EP (of a planned 3 initial EP releases) titled “Volume Two - Flamingo” on Friday September 18 at MOTR Pub. Cincinnati’s Nanny will be opening the free show. Holland once again enlisted the talents of Brian Olive to produce and record the new EP. “Brian and I have built a great working relationship” states Holland “This EP was a difficult one to finish, but Brian was a huge help in talking me down from some of the metaphorical ledges I placed myself on during recording”  

Holland struggled with some seasonal depression during the recording of this EP, and the subject material and lyrical content reflect this. He struggled with the idea of giving up on the recording, but is proud that the EP is done and sounds as good as it does despite his difficulty. “We recorded this EP on the same tape used for 'Volume One - The Maze’” Holland continues “and I find that really interesting in the fact that we physically used the bones of the first EP as a starting point for the new one. I’m literally building upon past success and sonically I feel the new EP is a step toward realizing the first Royal Holland LP".

"Volume Two - Flamingo" is already receiving critical acclaim that also tell the evolving nature of the music. "Royal Holland’s “Flamingo” shows the importance of the build. These are songs of a master craftsman.” - Skope Magazine, and "As folk musicians go, Royal Holland is quite clearly teetering on the edge of something else altogether. With a slew of influences creeping into his sound that range across the history of singer/songwriters, folk rockers and even 60’s pop, Volume Two: Flamingo flexes a heavy amount of talent and touch within its five tracks.” - Music Emissions. 

“Volume Two - Flamingo” is currently digitally available from Holland’s band camp page and costs 5 dollars. Physical CDs will be available at the EP release show at MOTR and at all Royal Holland shows. Holland is once again going into the studio with Olive at the end of July to start work on the final volume in the three EP series. 

Royal Holland
w/ Nanny
Friday, September 18th
Show at 9p