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Interview: Rain Pryor is Making a Name of Her Own

That Daughter's Crazy, directed by Elzbieta Szoka and produced by Paradox Smoke Productions, is a portrait of Rain Pryor, daughter to legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Rain grew up during an era when race, ethnicity and religion caused her constant internal and external conflict. The award-winning film unveils her vibrant and complicated life as a black Jewish girl, looking for self- identity and recognition in Hollywood, and as a woman coming to terms with the loss of her father, while learning to be a mother. That Daughter's Crazy takes scenes from Rain’s one-woman stage show and intertwines them with personal interviews and anecdotes from Rain, her grandmother Bunny, and her mother Shelley for an intimate depiction of life as one of Richard Pryor’s progenies.

Wanting to find a way to share her artistic talents despite the barriers in Hollywood, Rain says “I wasn’t black enough to be black, I’m not white enough to be white...unique wasn’t in yet.”

That Daughter's Crazy portraits Rain in present-day, forging her own way as an entertainer, sometimes emulating her father with stand-up comedy, but constantly aware of and avoiding the demons that have ultimately become part of her father’s legacy.

That Daughter’s Crazy will be presented on Thursday, September 10th on the opening night of the Cincinnati Film Festival. Actress and comedienne Rain Pryor will be attendance. She will headline a night of comedy prior to the screening of That Daughter’s Crazy.

Prior to the screening, we caught up with Rain to gain some insight on the making of That Daughter’s Crazy, and what is next for her.

Tell us about the making of That Daughter’s Crazy
that Daughter's Crazy, came about through my Off Broadway Workshop producer Daryl Sledge. He invited the director Eliziebt to my solo show and she felt she wanted to make it into a documentary. I always wanted to do one about myself and the making of “Fried Chicken and Latkes”, so this seemed like the right time.  

Given this is your story, did you ever hold back in the telling of the story?
The only thing I held back on, because it felt redundant, as talking only about my father. I felt it was important to show my life outside of him. My solo show speaks about him, but again I avoid the obvious. 

Any advice for young kids out there being bullied now?  
Stand your ground. Know you are worth so much more than anyone who feels they have the right to put you down or tell you you're not enough. That when you get older things change. So hold on and don't let a bunch of low self esteem jerks make you feel small. They wouldn't be messing with you, if you weren't so fabulous! 

What do you hope to achieve with the movie?
I want the movie to be seen by many, just for the fact that it's about racial tension and it's about finding self. We are in such a state of hate and self hate. I think the film is bigger than Rain Pryor. 

What is next for Rain Pryor?
I am touring my solo show “Fried Chicken & Latkes”, I am in the process of selling a couple of TV projects and being a mom to a now second grader. My life is full and abundant, and I intend of keeping it that way. 



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