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Interview: STYX at Riverbend TONIGHT

Fans of all ages will get a taste of music from every decade at Monday’s concert featuring three generations of rock n’ rollers.

Styx, who represent the late 70s to early 80s, Def Leppard who represent the glam-rock/ MTV generation, and Tesla who has brought us many hits from the late 80s to the early 90s have been touring together since June 23 and will continue their tour until October 4.  

Ever since 1999, when Styx called it quits after a successful reunion tour, the classic rock band revived and added a new lead singer/ keyboardist Lawrence Gowan.

With an edgier vibe, Gowan has led the band to hundreds of successful shows that feature some of the band’s greatest hits such as “Renegade,” “Come Sail Away,” and “Lady.”

Audiences ranging from the under 30’s crowd to the baby boomers have filled the seats during this summer tour. 

 “A lot of the audience from each end are fans of one specific band, but they wind up leaving with a broader sense or taste in music,” said Gowan.

The bands have always given a high energy performance with every show on the tour. Styx have played over 100 shows this year and on August 7, the band to roughly 18,000 people in Davenport, IA which was a night to never forget.

“When you hear them all singing together , they were singing the chorus of ‘Renegade’ or ‘Come Stay Away’, it’s an amazing experience that you can only have by being in the arena,” said Gowan.  

Considering the fact that the band attracts not just the baby boomers, but also the younger generation, first time concert-goers might actually leave with a little something extra.

“To see a lot of rock concerts on this level from bands of this era, it’s becoming more and more of a unique experience because there are various bands that tour on this level of that era and yet we seem to attract audiences of a very wide age range.”

Since the band has been around for decades, their musical ears have evolved throughout the years.

“It’s great when you listen to something you’ve done maybe 30, 20 or 25 years ago, but at the same time your critical ear has evolved to the point where you notice that there were things that you didn’t know then and hopefully you know now and there are things you may have forgot along the way that you have to bring back into the fold.  So that’s an ongoing thing,” said Gowan.

On Monday Styx will perform some of their greatest hits at Riverbend Music CenterTickets range from $33.05 to $113.80 (included with taxes and fees).  Show starts at 7 p.m.