Arlo McKinley & Wilder Play Fountain Square Tonight

Tonight at Fountain Square for the American Roots Series, do not miss two of Cincinnati’s finest bands. Show starts at 7p and it’s Free! 

Arlo McKinley & the Lonesome Sound may be a Cincinnati secret for the time being, but within the music community his name is mentioned as one of those who should make it. Tim Carr’s humble obsession with honoring his roots while pushing his own boundaries will most certainly draw attention to the music his band is making.  His friends in Cincinnati are most certainly cheering him on as more people inside Cincinnati and outside its borders continue to discover the depth of talent he has to share.” – Daniel Van Vechten (Musician and writer for

Wilder is a conglomeration of great talent from other bands, it’s kind of like a super group, well not kind of like…it is. They have come together to create refreshing songs in the vain of country, but with rock, and folky roots as well.  Kelly Thomas has been a staple in the local music scene here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for many years. With various projects under her belt and a wealth of knowledge she presents her latest venture, Wilder.” – Moose Gronholm (Musician and writer for