Fall in Love With Mates of State at Madison Live

Mates of State are the coolest thing to come out of Kansas since the Wizard of Oz in 1939. A little over ten years ago a good friend of mine Tessa made me a mixtape. Among all the cool new bands I’ve never heard of and nestled away as track 8 was Mates of States “What could I stand for”. This was a song from their debut album and I must have repeated the song a hundred times as it sounded so refreshing in comparison to the nonsense on the radio.

Husband & Wife Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel come together to form a band that has been defined by their creativity and harmony on songs. The way that their voices come together on their music is amazing. I guarantee you too can feel the authenticity in it. Not your typical couple by any standard. They have toured with their kids since they were in diapers and even blogged about their adventures in the mid 2000’s. Their electric organ and drums are the perfect complement to their vocal chemistry. Their sound is unique and distinctively their own. While listening you feel like you are eaves dropping in on a conversation between two people in love. 

Not familiar with them? You might have even unknowingly heard them on a commercial or even one of the many TV shows they have had a song played on and didn’t even know it. Or you are already a fan, have supported them for years and I’m wasting my time going on why they are so special.  Personally I can say that all of their albums are worth buying and won’t disappoint any person with an ear for good music. I have favorites on all of them and can’t wait to add to that when their 8th studio album entitled Greats is released this year. 

They have played all over the world so do yourself a favor and check them out when they come to town here on June 24th at Madison Live. Support good music!