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Bleachers to be Carried Away at Bunbury Music Festival

Jack Antonoff has been through a whirlwind of musical points in his life with being a lead singer of Steel Train, to guitarist of Fun., to writing songs for artists such as Taylor Swift and Sara Barielles, to starting an 80s pop-punk inspired side project called Bleachers.

Antonoff was on tour with Fun. in 2012 when his pre-Fun band mates formed and created the indie rock band.  With hits like “I Wanna Get Better” and “Rollercoaster,” Antonoff, claims that the sound is a mix of Disclosure and Arcade Fire.  However, I like to think they sound like David Bowe meets Depeche Mode.

Even though they are an indie-rock band, listening to their music sucks a person back to the big hair and bright makeup days of the 80s pop-punk era. In fact, the band worked with Vince Clarke, the keyboardist from Erasure, who helped produce their latest album, Strange Desire.

Their current single, “Rollercoaster,” Antonoff illustrates his toxic, wild, and emotional part of his life.  In the video Antonoff and his band roll around in a 1970s looking tour bus when they see an attractive blond woman driving a 1970 something Mercedes Benz convertible in what looked like California.  The band even performs on top of the bus.  Now if that is not literally living on the edge, then I do not know what is.

As for their previous single, “I Want to Get Better,” Antonoff talks about his previous struggles with tripping on acid and the death of his sister.  In the video, Antonoff illustrates how his personal life is falling apart, yet he tries to help other people put their lives together. 

Bleachers are on tour this summer and are not only coming to Cincinnati for Bunbury, but also going to be performing at Bonnaroo, Fenway Park with Billy Joel in Boston, and other cities throughout the nation and the U.K.

Bleachers will be performing on Friday at the Yeatman’s Cove Stage at 5:45 p.m! 


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