The Devil Makes Three: Brattleboro to CA & Everywhere In-between

The Devil Makes Three are a power trio but without the drums. In the vain of power trio’s from the classic rock era, but the only difference is they traded those electrified instruments for acoustic ones. Pete Bernhard guitarist and singer, Lucia Turino Upright bass, and Cooper McBean banjo and a plethora of other instruments make up TDM3. They have six albums under their belts now. Their latest release I’m A Stranger Here is darker and yet still as raucous. The album was recorded in Nashville with Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) at his studio Easy Eye Sound, and produced by Buddy Miller. 

The three are from Brattleboro, Vermont and have forged their way onto a road that has supplied them with numerous of festivals and going on tours with the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, and Trampled by Turtles. They left Vermont for California after high school. It what has been described as a, “a mass exodus of kids who went out to start bands and be creative, searching for the unknown, dreaming of something different.”

Those early gigs in a new town a new state on the opposite end of the map toughened them up. Playing house shows, small bars, punk shows, bigger rock clubs, theatres, and festivals, churning the sound and playing to anyone that lend an ear to listen. That has stayed true. As they love playing live. Making and creating the latest album was like trying to capture a brief moment, and keep those moments coming. For a band that has geared itself towards its live performance this was taxing, but successful.

The album itself has a darkness to it, but keeps with the raucousness. The songs are everything from relationships, to addictions, to mortality struggling with those or watching or just the idea. The album stays true to who they have become, and bleeds their sound through every crevice from their musical bodies. With the latest release under their belt they have hit the road. Playing pretty much every festival they can and club and Amphitheater from Minnesota to Virginia, to California to Oregon.

The gal and fellas will be here in Cincinnati on Saturday June 6th at 4:30 on the Sawyer Pont Stage for Bunbury Music Festival. All kinds of music for three days Friday June 5th through Sunday June 7th, and The Devil Makes Three is one act not to miss. A power trio from Brattleboro, Vermont that has brought their punkish old timeyish folkish music stylings to our Queen City for a night in June will be something not to miss.

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