New Moons CD Release at MOTR

New Moons is an alternative band from right here in Cincinnati, OH. New Moons was built through evolution. The members previously made up the band Big Rock Club, but decided to explore new territory of songwriting and creative growth. As with BRC, the band had a strong history with performing top venues in Cincinnati, as well as several regional markets. Citybeat named the Big Rock Club Extinction EP one of the “Top Local Releases of 2011”. Their debut album as New Moons, Glass Planet, will be released on June 4th at MOTR Pub

We sat down with Curtis of New Moons prior to the release show at MOTR Pub!

Give us some background on New Moons
New Moons is a three-piece rock band from Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.  We play psych rock and experimental pop. Steve plays drums, Tom plays bass and sings harmonies, and I (Curtis) sing and play guitar. 

How did you transform from Big Rock Club to New Moons?
Big Rock Club was a lot of fun. We put out a good record (Extinction), made some friends, and learned a lot of stuff.  I think it was just time to start something fresh with a new perspective.  Steve joined us in 2013, we started putting together what would become Glass Planet, and it felt like it was a new direction for us that deserved a new name and purpose, so we made the change early this year. New Moons is based on the idea of progress and evolution in our sound and in ourselves. 

Tell us about the new release, Glass Planet...
Glass Planet is a metaphor for Earth and its inhabitants. Like glass, both are fragile and dangerous at once. Most of the songs deal with miscommunication and moving forward in the face of opposition, but we try to keep it fun.  Musically, we wanted to recreate our live experience with Glass Planet.  It is a bit more raw sounding than our previous work. More human, I think.  

What can one expect at a live New Moons show?
We really love to play live. The reward for all the work and time that goes into putting an album together is sharing that work with people who want to experience it.  We don't really rely on any gimmicks in our live show, just a tight, passionate performance. I think people feel it too. There's usually people dancing, a lot of head bobbing and foot-tapping, as well as the occasional zoned-out person who's either really into the music, had a bit too much to drink, or both. 

What is next for New Moons?
We have shows in Dayton, Louisville, and Cincinnati already scheduled this summer, and we will be booking more shows soon.  We also plan to have a vinyl release show for Glass Planet later this year. Videos will be released in the near future as well. You can see our schedule and keep up with us at , , , 

Glass Planet is out June 4th digitally and physical CDs will be available at our release show at MOTR Pub.

New Moons
Glass Planet CD release show
w/ special guests The Tigerlilies
Thursday, June 4th
10pm, 21+, free show