My Goodness are Ready to Get Wild at MOTR

My Goodness recently released their new album, Shiver + Shake and are stopping by MOTR Pub on Wednesday, May 6th! My Goodness is one of the few true rock bands that have broken out of Seattle since the days of grunge. Their music is also spattered with influences from Nirvana to Murder City Devils and appeal to an array of music fans. Andy Lum is kick-ass drummer and singer/guitarist Joel Schneider has a very unique vocal style and impressive guitar work. They also recently expanded their lineup to a three piece, adding Cody Votolato on bass (he's also in the Blood Brothers).

We sat down with the Andy Lum, the drummer in My Goodness prior to the MOTR Pub Show!

Give us some background on My Goodness…
My Goodness started in 2011 in Seattle. The band has taken on a few forms over the years but basically we're loud as fuck and are supporting our record Shiver + Shake that came out last Summer. We actually came through Cincinnati last year on tour with Augustines. We were a little under the weather that night so we're looking forward to coming back and going a little extra bonkers.  

What can one expect at a live show?
We bring a lot of physical energy to the stage and we don't spend a lot of time catching our breath between songs. I also think we come across a lot wilder and rougher around the edges (in a good way) live than someone might expect from listening to our record alone.  

How does playing out in other towns compare to playing out in Seattle?
When you're on the road, most of your day is spent on the less creative side of being a musician, so you're always waiting to expend all that pent up artistic energy at your shows. I think that's what makes playing in other cities so fun. When you combine that with meeting new people who haven't seen your band before and/or have been waiting to see you, it means a lot. Don't get me wrong, Seattle is our home and we love playing in the city. We've been playing a few shows in Seattle under fake band names to try out new material and surprise people and that has been really fun.  

What is next for My Goodness?
New songs! We've been experimenting with some faster/funkier material that has turned out awesome. Expect to hear that very soon. 

My Goodness
Wednesday, May 6th