Bob Cushing: Troubadour Songs

Bob Cushing has been troubadour in this area for 26 years playing shows and trying to make a living at it. For his latest project he recruited his long time friend, mentor, guitar teacher, and his greatest influence on his playing Chris Goins (of Hu Town Holler and many other projects and bands). Chris played all the guitars, did some backing vocals, some tambourine, and even produced this album for his long time friend. The recruited some other help as well to round out the songs Brian Baverman on drums, John Castetter on bass, Ricky Nye (piano, organ, and accordion), Karen Addie fiddle, and Kenny Cowden on harp for “Smoker’s Blues.” With this cast of incredibly talented musician’s Bob Cushing’s songs are now seeing the light of day, which he told me in a recent conversation, are rounded out and given the gusto they need to be country songs. Bob Cushing and I had a conversation about this album and music in general. 

When Bob was 14 he bought KISS ALIVE, and knew he wanted to be a musician. He took up guitar, and while a few blips along the way, he went full steam ahead at age 18. At 23 he finally got the courage to get up and sing as well. Shortly thereafter he met his number one influence in Chris Goins. Though Chris is two years younger he has been in the biz for several years longer than Bob. Chris took Bob under his wing when Bob was starting out. According to Bob, Chris is “a musician’s musician, and a consummate pro, and has never steered me wrong or given me bad advice. He taught me how to be a professional, and even gave me guitar lessons for awhile which is how we first met.” With this latest album Bob enlisted the help of his best bud Chris. It had been nearly 10 years since their last studio album together, and their last album together was a double live album nearly 5 years ago. In total they have done 6 albums. To say it was TIME to release as Bob said is an understatement of sorts.

Troubadour Songs is a culmination of sorts for Bob. A writing binge came to him and the feeling that these songs needed to see the light of day was in the air. With this album Bob takes his country music and songs and gives you an honest take on a life lived playing music. 6 songs of some pretty darn good country music. The writing is simple yet unique, fun and honest. “I hope they’re grading on a curve when I come to the pearly gates,” is a testament to the writing, and with the musicianship on this latest album it molds Bob’s words into some great songs. Bob told me, “I’m very fortunate to be friends with some of the best musician’s in Cincinnati, or ANYWHERE.” These songs are country and are a pleasant listen. With it starting to get warmer out this 6-song album would be great to listen to while on a drive, or just anywhere.

The album has been recorded and is ready to be released. What the future holds for Bob is putting this album out on the ole’ Internet machine. You will be able to find it on CDBABY, Amazon, and all the major media outlets. In his words “my work is just getting started.” Playing shows as well is in there as well. Living the troubadour life. He will be at a local venue out on the West Side called The Crow’s Nest this Saturday for his release of this album. There is something about music that all musicians’ love, and it is the sheer joy of just playing. I asked Bob, like I ask anyone I interview, why music? Of all things to do or pursue, why this? His answer was simple and no nonsense, probably my favorite one to date, he said, “Why NOT? Beats diggin’ ditches!”

Bob Cushing
Album Release Show
The Crow’s Nest
Saturday, April 25th


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