Goodbye June Bring Southern Rock to MOTR Pub

We last saw Goodbye June at MPMF! The members of Goodbye June have spent much of the past decade honing their skill as songwriters along with their proficiency as vocalists and musicians. 

Their debut album Nor The Wild Music Flow released in June of 2012 with a follow up album in the works. Make sure to check out Goodbye June at MOTR Pub Friday March 20th!

We sat down with the band prior to the show to chat about touring Europe and the new album with some grit to it...

Give us some background on Goodbye June…  
We all grew up playing music in church and we're all cousins. In 2005, Tyler's brother died in a car accident while home on military leave. This brought all the cousins together and propelled us to move to Nashville to chase music.  We signed a record deal a couple years ago and have been writing, recording, and playing shows ever since. 

What can one expect at a live show? 
Sweaty, hairy, rock and roll.  

How does touring the U.S. differ from Europe? 
Europe has this intriguing craving for southern rock. Someone will notice a show poster that says "american southern rock" and they will check out the music online, possibly even buy your album. If you're good band or artist, they will come to the show and sing along.  You'll come through a town that you've never played before and have 50-100 people there singing your songs and partying along. In contrast, success in the U.S is largely dependent on radio or publicity, prerequisites before the general public will commit to a band.  

What are some of your best memories from the road? 
It's like a band of brothers out here, we all look out for each other. Some of our craziest stories are from Europe, but we'd have to tell them in person. If you come to our show, we'll share our adventures with you. 

What is next for Goodbye June?
We are in the process of finishing our second album, which is really going to have some grit to it. We're thrilled to share with the world and, of course, Cincinnati.


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