Andy Grammer Doing the Right Thing

With a sold out show Wednesday night at the 20th Century Theatre, the “Gotta Keep Your Head Up” singer/songwriter Andy Grammer has been showcasing his new music on his recent tour with X Factor winners, Alex and Sierra and pop-punk band, Paradise Fears. 

His recent album, Magazines or Novels, was released in 2014 and the second and current single, “Honey I’m Good,” reached over 5 million streams on Spotify, over 2 million views on YouTube, and was added to Sirius XM’s Hits 1.

 “This one is for all the people that are being true, being good, and trying to do the right thing,” said Grammer.  “It’s their anthem.”

The song is about relationships and not diving into temptation.  The music video illustrates couples ranging from young to elderly, holding up signs stating how long they have been together.

“We wanted something that was going to get this point across, that there are people out there that are feeling good in their relationships and that are willing to stay true, to stay strong and say no to temptation.”

The album opens up with the catchy, rockabilly tune “Honey I’m Good” which really sets the mood for the whole album.

The title of the album came from his idea about society and Grammar’s own judgment about it.

“Pop music sometimes can be flashy,” said Grammer. “It’s kind of like with the magazines and with the headlines like sonically, but sometimes it doesn’t have distained power that I would like it to have at some point.”

Compared to Grammer’s previous albums, Magazines or Novels is an album that’s not limited to one genre. 

“I kind of went a little bit rebellious,” said Grammer. “I wanted to put more in value as far as I could do more than just be a guy and play guitar.”

Grammer will be performing the new songs as well as some older ones at the show on Wednesday.  Compared to previous tours, fans can expect more excitement on stage.

“It’s like a show, it’s not just sing the words, there’s a lot going on,” said Grammer.

The 27 city tour started February 24 and continues until April 3 in Grammer’s hometown of Los Angeles, CA.  As far as after the tour, Grammer does not know what is coming up next.

“That’s the kind of the fun of my job, but I just have a feeling it’s something good,” said Grammer.