Jared Schaedle Releases EP at Wunderbar

Jared Schaedle & The Compound Fractures is Jared’s new band. Comprised of good friend Jeremy Pittman on upright bass, and Nick Giese on electric guitar or Chris Goins from Rattlesnakin Daddies. Jared formerly of Lonesome Jared & The Heart Attacks comes with this new band of three guys that truly love country. Not the style that is being performed today, but in the vain of what came before. Jared Schaedle and The Fractures have recorded a 3 song EP in which good friend Tim Caudill recorded 3 other songs. Jared brings that hard driving guitar back, and with Nick Giese laying down guitar licks worthy of any great player, and Jeremy Pittman rounding it off with slap bass these fellas have put something together to put Country music back on the map again.

About a week ago I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jared and we talked about music, Nascar (his favorite sport), and songwriting. Jared is excited for this new road with this new band, and this new adventure. This EP that they are releasing Friday the 27th of February is just a teaser if you will. They will be releasing a full length which they are currently working on. Jared was speaking of these particular songs on this current release and the joy he has for them was contagious. As we spoke some more I remembered something from a few months ago. I recalled a show Jared played at Wunderbar in Covington. That night he had Jeremy Pittman on upright bass and Chris Goins (Rattlesnakin Daddies) on electric guitar. At one point maybe during a break or something Jeremy had brought his bass outside and Jared had his guitar and they just started playing right there on Twelfth Street in Covington. Listening to them play, no microphones, no electricity, I knew then these fellas should be playing together. They eventually went back inside and finished off the night, and with the electricity there was just this feeling in the air that this is it. Jared had a smile on his face both that night a few months ago and when I recently talked with him that didn’t leave as we got to talking. This new adventure for Jared is one he excited about and through the songs you can certainly hear that.

Tomorrow night Jared Schaedle &The Compound Fractures will be releasing this EP at Wunderbar on Twelfth Street in Covington, Kentucky. They are bringing back true outlaw country with this new release and with this new project. Hard driving tunes sung by a man who has seen and been through a lot in his life so far. He told me though, “it gives me plenty to write about” and in that same conversation he basically said (I am paraphrasing here) “if I didn’t live I ain’t gonna write about it.” True and honest is the place where Jared lives and where he writes from.

With all this being said the honesty of a life being lived and past experience brings to the songs dignity. These three gentlemen are on the prowl to take back Country music. These songs are a start to that. On top of the show tomorrow at Wunderbar The Fractures will also be playing every Wednesday at The Drinkery in Over The Rhine. Jared Schaedle & The Compound Fractures are three guys, some great music, and just straight honest to goodness good times.

Jared Schaedle &The Compound Fractures
w/ Tim Caudill
Friday February 27th