The Jericho Harlot Bring 120%

The Jericho Harlot are playing Saturday, February 7th at Mayday in Northside with Celestial Goodnight! We sat down with the band prior to the show for some info on their authentic music and high energy shows. 

Give us some background on The Jericho Harlot…
We are in our third year of existence....and are as focused, excited, and as determined as we have ever been. The goal since day one has been to write and perform songs that not only express personal emotion...but that are identifiable to most listeners.

Whether it be a catch riff, tasteful melodies and harmonies, or lyrical content that doesn't fill space....but tells a story. 

The mantra in the music scene has long been that, "the musician makes the music." With the Jericho Harlot, we wanted to make it clear...

Where be it audibly and or visually... that in authentic music that can have a long lasting mark on an individual...."that the music makes the musician." Developing a great sound, and being true to it constantly is rare. Our desire is to communicate that with authenticity. An actual extension of all three of us...made into song.

Tell us what we can expect at a live The Jericho Harlot show…
120%! From start to finish at a live performance we lay it all out there. It's a high energy show that is creative. It hits hard up front, and doesn't quit.

We want everyone to be re-energized about live original music, every time they grace us with their presence. It's about people enjoying passion set to music. We don't take off days in that department. 

What is your favorite part about being a band from Cincinnati?
The culture of Cincinnati is something we are proud of. It really is a melting pot of all walks of life. But also has a rich tradition and a sense of home that we love. Lots of bands move to find "success." Not us. We love our Reds, and we love OUR CITY!

Also, in a practical sense...the central location for touring is awesome. It's a great home base for a band, with so many major cities under 300 miles away. It makes weekend show runs much less of a burden than other areas. 

What is next for The Jericho Harlot?
We are in the recording phase of our second full length (third studio) album. I know we are just as excited about this project as we were the previous two. So much work, heart, and soul go into a studio project. This one is no different.

But it's a rewarding process, that we can't seem to get enough of! We are planning to have it out this fall. A subsequent regional "album release" tour is in the works in it's support.


In a nutshell, what's next for the Jericho Harlot is YOU! We would like for any and all to not only come see us live, hear our music, and watch our videos...but share in the journey. We have a lot more creative juices left in the tank, and want to share that experience with folks who become fans, and then become friends. Everywhere we go, with everyone we can!