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The Jericho Harlot

THE JERICHO HARLOT over the last four years have taken their punk infused indie rock to the next level. Always preforming, writing, recording, and traveling...they are committed to staying true their roots. Taking influences like, Foo Fighters, Alkaline Trio, Green Day, Run Kid Run, Keith Green, Saves the Day, etc., the 'Harlot has managed to solidify a sound unique unto their own. Preforming songs like "Creatures Of The Night," "Good In Me," and "Change The Scene," they accomplish a clear message of unconventional life, love, and faith in a very direct rock forum.

The "Creatures" released earlier this year to much anticipation...and was preceded by their self-titled EP In 2012. The group is already in the beginning stages of a follow up record. Due out Summer, 2015.

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