Locals Submit for NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest

The NPR Tiny Desk Concert is where I have personally discovered many of my favorite artists. I never fully “like” an artist until I see them live. But to see them live in a tiny office? Priceless. 

I was first hooked back in 2009 when I saw Avett Brothers perform on the program. I had just been introduced to the band at Forecastle Festival and found the NPR Tiny Desk Concert. My next obsession via NPR Tiny Desk Concert was K'Naan. I could go on... So many artists that have had Tiny Desk Concerts have been artists that I may have not have listened to otherwise.

NPR announced that they were doing a Tiny Desk Concert contest for local bands within the U.S. and local bands in Cincinnati jumped at the chance.  Check out the submissions. Whoever wins, we know for sure that the music scene in Cincinnati is a winner already.

The Tillers


Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound

Young Heirlooms


Near Earth Objects


Elk Creek


Heavy Hinges


Did your band submit one and I missed it? Post your video in the comments below!