Dark Colour Release New Studio Recordings

Dark Colour is an indietronic, alternative dance act. Crafted and fronted by songwriter Randall Rigdon Jr, with Coleman Williams on guitar, Sean Kelley on bass, and Joesph Sparough on drums. 

The band recently recorded some tracks with Jacob and Isaac of Healing Power (Pomegranates) back in September at their studio (Sabbath Recording) and are eager to get them in your ears!

Check out the new single, “Animal”!  

We chatted with the band about the new song... 

What does the new single, “Animal” mean to the band?
Joseph Sparough: I think “Animal” is a sign of our progression as a full band as it is the first song we all really wrote together. It's a sign of more to come. 

Randall Rigdon: It furthers our theme of rejecting the imprisonments of socialization. It's about shoving away the B.S. and unifying over the acceptance of our rawest and most natural state, embracing that we are all simply animals. It's breaking down what we know and forwarding through the new world before us - as a band and together as human beings.

Tell us about the recording process…
Coleman Williams: Recording at Sabbath Recording was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. Jacob and Isaac of Pomegranates have created something very special there that makes the space feel almost sacred which was very conducive to the creative process. Also their input and expertise helped us to create and execute the truest vision of Dark Colour to date. 

Sean Kelley: Recording “Animal” was a very smooth process largely due to the effort of the engineers in making the studio a comfortable environment for creativity. we kicked off our shoes and simply let the experience flow into its success