A Healthy Dose of Heartfelt Rock with Nashville’s Sound & Shape

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Rock and Roll, in all its various shapes and sizes, is such a malleable thing. Our own town provides ample proof, likely daily, that it’s nothing immutable and certainly open to your personal interpretation. No matter what, though, Rock and Roll fans - especially those in Cincinnati - know a good thing when it’s happening and when they hear it. 

So when bands like Nashville’s Sound & Shape come to town, we consider it an almost civic duty to provide both one of the best rooms in the area - in this case, Southgate House Revival’s Revival Room - and bands that share a mindset similar to that of the visiting musicians. In this case, garage pop-rockers Day Camp and Indie/Post-Punk stalwarts Sweet Ray Laurel will play host to our southern friends on Thursday, January 8th.

Combining earnest lyrics with what could be described as “vibey” meditations on a brand of rock that’s just as much a product of their Nashville upbringing as it is an ode to some cleverly placed post-rock intentions, Sound & Shape will be supporting the release of their latest album, Bad Actors. It’s a dense album, steeped in delay, fuzz, and warmth, but it’s an album that never overplays its hand, or gets too heavy. It’s a fine line to walk, but as they’re several albums in, Sound & Shape seem to be hitting a stride Cincinnati listeners and bands alike should be paying attention to.

You can catch them with Sweet Ray Laurel and Day Camp this Thursday night at The Southgate House Revival, in the most excellent Revival Room, ready to make more than a little noise, as well as a lot of friends.