The Grownup Noise May Have Recorded in Your House

Since releasing their self-titled debut in 2007, Boston's The Grownup Noise has evolved into a rousing and innovative pop-music outfit, bridging the gap between americana and indie music. With lyrics written by guitarist/songwriter Paul Hansen and arrangements and instrumentation by the band as a whole, The Problem with Living in the Moment (out October 28th) came together easily despite being their most ambitious album to date. Music journalist Jed Gottlieb of the Boston Herald writes “…took three long years to follow up This Time with Feeling.  I forgive them.  You will too, once you hear the music.” The songs focus on perception vs. reality, the creative process and the struggle to integrate life, family and music into a coherent whole.  

The band recorded all over the place…in fact, if you have a cool sounding room in your house or apartment, The Grownup Noise probably recorded a little bit of ‘the problem’ there.  The entire Grownup Noise family is in on this one too: Todd Marston, Aine Fujioka, Rachel Barringer, Dave Middleton, Katie Franich, and Kyle Crane contributed to the tracks.  After the excitement, pain, self-doubt, and beauty of the recording process, Sam Kassirer (producer of Lake Street Dive, Josh Ritter, and David Wax Museum) handled the mixing duties. Feeling a bit cheated by the coffee table wisdom of always just being in the moment, this album strives for perspective, and tries to get outside and around of it’s own senses. 

The new album comes on the heels of critical success for their self-titled debut: Their single 'Carnival' won a contest judged by NYTimes Best-Selling Author and music writer Steve Almond, and was featured on NPR.  The band was also excited to learn that 'Carnival' was the most downloaded song in early April 2011 for Paste Magazine's Songs For Haiti. 

The Tucson Weekly proclaimed that The Grownup Noise are, "A band that revels in the beauty of a simple melody delivered with minimal enhancement for maximum emotional effect."  The Onion A.V. Club raved, "The Grownup Noise's best asset is the songwriting, with lines of love and the changing seasons coming out as gently and colorful as the music itself."  Boston's The Weekly Dig wrote, "When this noise emerges from its shell, it feels so genuine in its simple emotion that you can't help but embrace it." 

‘The Oldest Running Feature', from their self-titled debut, was featured prominently during the seasonal climax of MTV's "The Real World: Brooklyn", and recently in March 2013, MTV used ‘The Same The Same’ on the season premiere of “World of Jenks”.

The Grownup Noise will be at MOTR Pub on Thursday, November 20th with Kim Taylor!