Get to Know Download Band of the Week: PUBLIC

•PUBLIC• has been on fire this past year! The band has gained notoriety through festivals like CMJ, Bunbury, and MPMF, in addition to supporting acts like WALK THE MOON, Twenty One Pilots, and Neon Trees. Prior to hitting the road with Walk the Moon, they are stopping at Rohs Street Cafe for an EP Release show on Saturday October 11th! Go grab your ticket to the show HERE

And don't forget to download their FREE song, “Pretty Face” HERE!

•PUBLIC• has had quite the year! What have been some highlights?
It's been really great. We've started to have the opportunity to play some great names that have inspired us to do what we're doing like opening for Neon Trees and Young the Giant, who have been heroes of ours since we started - all the while working on this EP we'll be releasing here soon and really just trying to step up our game in every way.  

Tell us about a day in the life on the road…
Well wherever we go, we try and eat and drink local just to really get the full experience. If the hotel TV is compatible, then we always have our super smash bros. to pass the time. Being on the road is essentially just a lot of coming and going, so it's interesting to find ways to entertain ourselves before or after a show. 

What inspires •PUBLIC•?
Our drive and inspiration comes from the dream of reaching different people from all over with our music. A band and it's songs can be something unique to everyone - so the opportunity to see what role our songs will play in different people's lives is truly something that keeps pushing us foreword.  

Tell us about the writing process for the new album…
We had been writing quite a bit since our last release, which was interesting because we've been growing quite a bit as a band. Our music has definitely been changing a lot lyrically and instrumentally, so deciding what songs we want to represent us on this new release has been a really fun and compelling. We're very excited to get feedback on this new material.   

What is next for •PUBLIC•?
Well we're super excited for our headlining show at Rohs Street on October 11. Not only is it our second ever headlining show here in Cincinnati, but it's also our EP release and kickoff to our tour with Walk the Moon. Should be a great time. There's a lot of preparation going into all of that.