Come Journey With DREAMERS at MOTR

DREAMERS (members of Motive) is a unique brand of grunge that is nostalgic for a space somewhere between art-school eccentric and the late 1970s punk scene.

Prepare to embark on a journey with DREAMERS, with their unique brand of grunge that is nostalgic for a space somewhere between art-school eccentric and the late 1970s punk scene. Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Lennon and David Lynch, DREAMERS are ready to send their kaleidoscopic sound out into the universe. Their colorfully passionate music tugs at heartstrings and will have you dancing around the room all in one fell swoop, with their debut release EP set to drop on November 18, 2014.

Currently wandering amidst the streets of Brooklyn, DREAMERS is comprised of Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Chris Bagamery (drums, backup vocals), and Nelson (bass, backup vocals). Having arisen in Seattle and Maryland, they each found a contemplative solace in music, and first met in another life as part of four-piece band, Motive. After catching the attention of the likes of MTV2 and New York Times as well as opening slots for the likes of The Vaccines and Bear Hands,Motive eventually parted ways only to reform in this current life as a three-piece outfit, which would become DREAMERS.

We sat down with DREAMERS prior to the show Thursday October 16th at MOTR Pub

Give us some background on DREAMERS...
DREAMERS was formed in early 2014 in a tiny corner of the Milky Way galaxy, on a fleck of blue dust caught on a star.  Chris Bagamery and I (Nick Wold) were in a band called Motive, which had to go the way of all things.  We spent a long period in a cocoon reinventing ourselves, and emerged as a bio-luminescent butterfly, complete with Nelson on bass, and a ton of new songs.  DREAMERS is the result of a deluge of work and a newfound creative freedom.  

Where do you draw you inspiration from?
Inspiration can come from so many places.  Double rainbows, Hieronymus Bosch.  The realization that we are floating in an endless universe with no explanation, and can think, dream, and wonder.  We also get a lot of inspiration from films, our lives, and, of course, dreams.   

Tell us about your writing process...
It's a lot like how some people withdraw from heroin.  We lock ourselves in a room and don't let ourselves out. There's a lot of screaming and begging.  Hopefully at the end of it some psychic transformation happens.  Usually the song is mostly written before we start playing it as a band.   

What can we expect from a live DREAMERS show?
We will be playing at MOTR pub on Oct. 16th, it is a place we really loved to play in our previous band.  This will be the first show as DREAMERS and it will be a lot more raw, guitar heavy and face melting. Drums, bass, vocals, fun times, and some bizarre journeys.  We hope to see all our wonderful Cincinnati friends.   

What's next for DREAMERS? 
This is just the beginning for DREAMERS, many more songs and videos will be coming, strange art and extras on our website (, and we're just starting to tour.  Our EP comes out on 11/18 and the full length will follow in the Spring.  Then we'll get on to building a utopian society on mars with the help of Elon Musk, devoid of fear, self doubt and anger.  And after that, we'll ride out the universe as all it's energy spreads out and slowly winds down through a process called entropy -- and all will be still, and silent, forever.