500 Miles to Memphis Showcase their Natural Aptitudes

The country-punk act, 500 Miles to Memphis is set to kick off their CD release party Friday October 31st at The Southgate House Revival. Stand There and Bleed is no trick at all, just treats!  

The production of this album is clear, crisp and real. They open the album with a percussional showpiece in "All I Am Asking For" which gives us an upbeat look at the carnal needs of a man. The guitar lines and tempo changes in "How Would I Know" and come through in bursts of genius. "Medication" might be one of my favorites lyrically, mid-way through Stand There and Bleed. Something about this track makes me feel like I am in an alternate universe where I can say anything I want without a filter.

I think most of us can relate to "Bethel, OH." [which you can download for FREE here] I know I can. This gives us a peak into youthful follies. The song's fun upbeat melody that takes you on funstastical look backwards at sneaking out, driving around late at night, and getting home before anyone knew you were gone.

Ryan Malott's yearning lyrics brings us through the trenches of addiction, love and loss in "Easy Way Out." And I cannot go without mentioning the way David Rhodes Brown hypnotizes his listeners on the lap steel, to believe there IS an easier way out. There may be no 'easy way out' but, I see these fellas have the will to find success through the collaboration of their musical talents. 

Throughout this new album you can hear the respect the members of 500 Miles to Memphis have achieved for each other, by allowing all of its members the chance to showcase their natural aptitudes. This has allowed their music to mature and develop a richness that not all bands can achieve. Most, if not all of the band members are also working on other musical projects. This breadth and depth of collaboration across the musical lines and styles only expands the opportunities 500 MTM have for making music through the ages and gaining industry respect.

Come out and celebrate with 500 Miles To Memphis in the hillbilly haze of a punk rock wonderland they have created with Stand There and Bleed . Happening in the flesh on All Hallows' Eve in the at The Southgate House Revival with The Delta Routine and Todd Farrell Jr. & the Dirty Birds. Door at 8p, Show at 9p!

Check out this video by 500 Miles to Memphis, shot with CincyMusic.com at Bunbury Music Festival! 


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