The Delta Routine

  • rock
  • pop

The Delta Routine is a Milwaukee-based band committed to the project of reviving passion, emotion and raw energy in the rock’n’roll tradition. While paying homage to the greats of classic rock and blues, The Delta Routine brings a unique, refreshingly-modern interpretation of rock music that is satisfying to both the critically-minded avid music listener looking for layered arrangments and intricate compositions as well as the pop-music-loving non-musician who only desires danceable, catchy

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500 Miles to Memphis Showcase their Natural Aptitudes

The country-punk act, 500 Miles to Memphis is set to kick off their CD release party Friday October 31st at The Southgate House Revival. Stand There and Bleed is no trick at all, just treats!   The production of this album is clear, crisp and real. They open the album with a percussional showpiece...