Whispering Beard Preview: A Humble Man with an Honest Heart

Lonesome Jared & the Heart Attacks are Jared Schaedle on guitar and lead vocals, David Rhodes Brown on triple neck lap steel, and Marc Hoffman on the double bass. The Heart Attacks formed a couple years ago, but each of these musicians have been playing for far longer than that. At the back of the Crow’s Nest here on the West Side of Cincinnati, on a Friday night before Jared’s show him and I sat down and talked about life, music, and everything in between, and from that conversation I became even more of a fan of this humble and gracious honky tonker. 

Jared bounced around a lot as child living in many different environments and lived in around the southern states for much of his young life, but the West Side and Delhi in particular is where he calls home. Jared speaks from his heart, and for this man not exactly having the easiest way to where he is now being humble and honest says a lot about his character. During his late teens and early twenties it wasn’t the easiest time in his life, but through that hardship he found something within himself and he came to the realization that, “Hey I can write some good songs...” in his own words. Growing up with bluegrass, folk, and country has given him the tools and the songs that he brings to each of his shows. His brother gave him his first guitar, Jared taught himself some punk power chords, and remembered a little theory from piano lessons he had,  and with what he had grown up on put it all together like a puzzle and here he is. His honest to goodness lyrics are blended around honky tonk, rockabilly, and western swing country melodies and it’s real and from his heart. Music has its way of diggin’ you out of a hole, and Jared lays his songs out there for the listener welcoming them in to some glimpses of his life.

With his two EP’s in the works he is hoping to have them finished soon and released even sooner. As he talked about this aspect of the music he couldn’t keep from smiling. His grin stretched across his face and the excitement was palpable. Jared has called many places home, and with him being here on the West Side a place he loves more than any other he just seemed over joyed. But, not dancing around or anything like that, because that is not Jared. Rather through his humbleness and graciousness and soft spoken demeanor I could just see behind those eyes his excitement for all things musically that he has in the works. Most notably playing the Whispering Beard Folk Festival, and with his hard driving songs in his back pocket it sure will be a great time. Which for him is an honor to be playing, because the music community has welcomed him here in Cincinnati, and in his own words “that is what keeps me here.”

We wrapped our conversation with the one question I always like to ask: Why music? Of all things to do why this? And at first he said it doesn’t cost a dime to write a song, but then he said let me get back to you. So he stewed over it for a few days and then at about 2:45 on a Tuesday he gave me this answer, “Music is a universal language. Even if you don’t understand the words, you can definitely feel the rhythm and melody inside ya. The most soulful music in the whole world is Cajun Music, and I only understand a third of what they are singin.

It’s one of the few things I am good at doing. If I have something to say, or if I’m feelin strongly about something, I can shape it into a two and half minute cut and dry story that anyone can understand.

You couldn’t stop me from composing and writing. I reckon it’s just what I feel and how it comes out. You could chop off my hands, and kick me in the throat and I’m still gonna find a way to make music. Beethoven was deaf even, and he still managed it.

I just love music, but I don’t love ALL music. Especially don’t like a lot of modern music. If I make my own music, I can make any music I want. I can make music I actually like, and try to channel the soul that music USED to have.

It’s f@#$%n’ fun.

It becomes an addiction.

I don’t play just for myself…If I play a gig and if even JUST ONE person in the whole room gets it, connects to my song, relates to it, or just plain likes it, I feel like I’ve actually accomplished something positive in my life. And, If I can channel enough energy to get folks moving’ and groovin’ and dancing, well hell that’s about the best high I’ve ever known.” 

His humbleness and modesty along with his drive and confidence are all prevalent either on stage or off. Lonesome Jared & The Heart Attacks are one show not to be missed. Catch them on Sunday August 24th at the Whispering Beard Folk Festival. 


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