Living Room & Vetter Kids at Rake's End

Punk rock or not, last minute shows sometimes offer a unique opportunity to see a band or bands that are working hard to play their music and make new friends and fans. We also see it as a testament to an independent, DIY underground that’s hard at work in town - something we’re happy to see thriving.

Friday, August 29th at Rake’s End Cincinnati will get the chance to listen to and hang out with two touring bands who found a spot just days before passing through the area: Living Room and Vetter Kids, touring together on a full US run. Local support is still TBA.

Living Room hails from the East Coast, playing a volatile mix of emo, alternative, with a little bit of post-hardcore - they call it “Dreamo.” They’ve just released their debut full-length, Moonchaser, through newly formed Jetsam-Flotsam Records. It’s a strong debut that’s already garnering quite a bit of attention - rightfully so - and is a great release for a record label that’s just getting started. It’s an album that’s full of energy, and walks a fine line, balancing easily overdone elements of 90’s grunge and alternative, early 2000’s post-hardcore, and meshing them all together with late 90’s (and some would argue current) emo.

Texan tourmates Vetter Kids released their debut EP, III, earlier this year, and are set to release a follow-up, Logan, this October. Combining their love of 90’s alternative and grunge with their appreciation of modern post-hardcore, indie, and even pop, Vetter Kids wouldn’t sound out of place 20 years ago, but certainly speak to where a good portion of independent music is landing today.

For those willing to check out the show this Friday, the band will be giving away download codes for the new album to the first 10 people through the door. They may have a few more things to offer, but you’ll just have to hang out at the show to find out what.

Take a listen to Moonchaser below, and head to Rake’s End at 8pm this Friday the 29th to catch them live. 

Living Room and Vetter Kids will be at Rake’s End on Friday, August 29th at 8pm. The show will be $5 at the door. Moonchaser is currently available on vinyl through Jetsam-Flotsam Records.


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