UNITYFEST 2014 Raises Awareness for a Second Chance

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UNITYFEST 2014 is an all day event that will raise awareness of the homeless epidemic here in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky as well as raise money to assist our project in getting our brothers and sisters off of the streets. Many simply need a second chance. 

The all day event will be chock-full of bands, musicians, MC's, artists and comedians from all walks of life. On site will be food, art, jewelry and other merchandise booths. Come have some fun, support your local businesses, artists and help change lives.

Rock to Rap...Blues to Acoustic as well as a few laughs along the way. REMEMBER: They don't need COINS, they need CHANGE!

UNITYFEST 2014  takes place Saturday August 16th at The Southgate House Revival. Doors are at 4:30p. Go grab your ticket to UNITYFEST 2014 HERE!

Band Lineup:
Shoot Out The Lights
Tony Godsey Band
Jim Burns Band
Taylor Shannon
Peer Presha
SAP Squad
Southside ENT.
Adrian Bsoul Hall (B.Soul) 

Jay Anderson
DeAndre Washington
Low Down
Jason Goodall
Brandon Charles
Gibran Arnold
Jeremy Johnston
Jei Chandler
Drew Mullins
LJ White
Rob Wilfong
Hayward Thompson
Jay Armstrong 

Main MC and DJ:
Big Daddy Walker 

About Operation: HOPE:
Assisting those less fortunate in finding shelter, food, addiction treatment and healthcare needs. 

With more than 700K homeless on our streets today, its time for CHANGE. Have you ever been forced to sleep under cardboard with little to nothing to keep you warm? Have you ever been forced to eat from a garbage can simply because you are hungry? What about the unfortunate life of being a drug addicted person searching for help and answers. Our goal is simple: Change the lives of others, making the world a far less dark and scary place to exist. By making a difference in one, the ripple effect will take over. Remember, they don't need coins, they need CHANGE. 

We wanted this to be a tool for others to reach out and give back. If we stand together to battle addictions, hunger, homelessness, tomorrow will hold a brighter future for those less fortunate.

Sometimes it's not everyone else that needs the CHANGE, but ourselves that need it the most!