Voodoo Loons

  • Local
  • psychedelic
  • alternative
  • indie

Voodoo Loons released their latest album, The Criminal Ear, on Feb 25 to critical acclaim:- "There aren't many who can match the enticingly dark, edgy and wonderfully engaging musical storytelling of Voodoo Loons in their new album The Criminal Ear." - NPR- "The Criminal Ear shows how that mix of songwriting and the overall performances and production have been sharpened and refined over the intervening years. It’s not just the diversity that makes The Criminal Ear a thoroughly entertaining

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UNITYFEST 2014 Raises Awareness for a Second Chance 

UNITYFEST 2014 is an all day event that will raise awareness of the homeless epidemic here in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky as well as raise money to assist our project in getting our brothers and sisters off of the streets. Many simply need a second chance.  The all day event will be chock-full of...

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