The Ridges Back in Their Second Home for Taste of OTR

This Saturday, in one of Cincinnati’s most endearing and beloved neighborhoods, you can find food, drink, and music, all in one place. Though smaller than our city’s well-known Taste of Cincinnati, July 26th’s Taste of OTR offers a full day of activities, tasty treats, craft beers, and true Cincinnati sounds, all surrounded by historic Over The Rhine. 

Taking part in these now annual festivities, Athens Ohio's The Ridges are excited to celebrate their return to the city they consider their home-away-from-home. Following their triumphant celebration of and departure for their various and multiple showcases at South By Southwest, The Ridges have stayed busy, embarking on several small tours to the east coast, and most recently shared the stage with MPMF performer, Kishi Bashi, in Nashville.

Along with Cincinnati favorites like The Cliftones and The Pinstripes, The Ridges will take the stage at Washington Park with Music Hall as the background for what is sure to be an exciting - and always moving - performance from a band we’ve happily adopted as one of our own. With their stirring combination of haunting folk melodies and tragically poetic lyricism, the multi-talented, and instrumentally-ambitious ensemble will bring a little darkness - though admittedly beautifully crafted and presented - to what is sure to be a family-filled crowd.

Their return to Cincinnati has been 4 months in the making, and Taste of OTR just happens to be a perfect way for them to say hello to a city that has always treated them well. No doubt they’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed them.

Catch The Ridges at 2:30 this Saturday, July 26th, at Taste of OTR in Washington Park.


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