Spirit Family Reunion Blend Old and New

Hailing from New York City, Spirit Family Reunion bring a brand of folk music that takes you to a place where old and new come together. Where the country and city brought together and dance around each other. From banjo frailing, to sawing fiddle, and at times double percussion they keep you moving because if you stand still for too long as quickly as the song started it will have been gone. With gravelly vocals and those rolling down the line melodies they are good time to be had. They bring gospel, folk, and bluegrassy songs from being hidden and now back in your barn, bar, or subway station. 

The stomping of your foot to the beat can’t be helped it’s infectious. The sway when you listen is okay also because they will take you to a place once forgotten and make it new again. A sound that was lost is now found. Spirit Family Reunion share in the experience their live show is uncanny and one that as much as they give up on that stage or street corner so will the listener. WIth two albums Spirit Family Reunion and No Separation and even a songbook they invite to enjoy the road that they have travelled and the journey that they are on simply through their brand of Americana, old timey folk styling.

They will be coming to our fair Cincinnati to play Buckle Up and with it their will be no shortage of foot stomping, clapping, sawing fiddle, banjo frailing, driving percussion, and sheer good times. They give all they got and leave it on the stage and all that heart and passion for their music strums that chord within all of us who simply enjoy music. No comparison is needed with these folks they do it their own way, and they invite you in to get lost with them.

Catch Spirit Family Reunion Saturday on the Bud Light stage at 5:00!