Nick Dittmeier with David Faul Band and Ben Knight

Nick Dittmeier is a singer-songwriter from southern Indiana. He fronted the alt-country band Slithering Beast for five years. In early 2013, he branched out and started performing under his own name and established a new band. His first release was an EP, Extra Better. It garnered local and regional attention and radio play, while earning him a nomination for “Songwriter of the Year” at the First Annual Louisville Music Awards. Relentless performances ensued, while writing a new record. 

David Faul Band is straight up original folk and americana from Cincinnati, Ohio. Featuring David Faul, Ben Knight and 
Elia Burkhart!

Hailing from Dixon, Kentucky (pop. 700ish) Ben could definitely be pegged as a country boy. He sings likes he talks with a heavy west KY accent. He plays acoustic, often finger picking. True to form he even has a family history of country music. His uncle, Chris Knight has won himself considerable fame over the last 15 years as a songwriter and because of his particular fame in Texas, was named an "Honorary Texan" by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

It’s obvious that Ben could choose to go down the same road as his uncle. Roseanne follows Johnny, and Justin follows Steve who followed Townes, and I don’t even need to mention Hank Williams 3 and the Damn Band to tell you this music runs in people’s blood, like alcoholism, addiction, and depression. Country music is in Ben Knight’s blood. What’s in his head and heart may be different.

Go give them a listen on Friday at the Crow's Nest!