Jeremy Pinnell & The 55’s are True to Humble Roots

Jeremy Pinnell and The 55’s are a straight to the teeth, bare knuckles, pedal steeling country honky tonk band. We here in Ohio and Kentucky have the pleasure of being able to see these fellas on a regular basis. For those that do not have this opportunity, well then take the time out to run a quick search on them and it won’t take much searching to find them, and when you do, you won’t be disappointed. 

Jeremy is the main songwriter, along with Chris Alley on drums, Ben Franks on bass, and Cameron Cochran on pedal steel. Jeremy, Chris, and Ben started playing about 3 years ago they met Cameron soon after and asked him to play guitar. Cameron suggested they play straight country music, and Jeremy and the band have done that and they are taking country back to its roots, in a sense. Jeremy is a humble man who comes from humble beginnings and that resonates on their latest record aptly named Oh/Ky. 

They have put together ten songs that from the start are honest about the life Jeremy has put behind him. He had his battle with his own demons, and that’s why he won’t speak of them, he would rather sing about them. Behind the beard and tattoo’s is a man who is soft spoken and bares that past he has simply moved on from. Jeremy sings from his heart and with Cameron Cochran on pedal steel the songs become those country and honky tonk songs that have been lying in wait. They have their sound and with these songs these guys are happy to be involved in the Cincinnati music scene. To simply be able to play is good enough for them.

Jeremy and these 55’s have put together an album that ring with honest country and honky tonk ballads. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jeremy and he when I asked him about doing music he said “Music is all I’ve really done that I’m halfway okay at. I don’t know if it’s what I’m supposed to do, it’s just what i know how to do.” True to his humble roots and true to their sound the album plays true. Oh/Ky is the album and Jeremy Pinnell and The 55’s are the band that are simply sharing their stories and songs with us.

Jeremy Pinnell and The 55’s play Buckle up Music Festival tonight on the Amphitheater Stage at 6:30 and again in the VIP tent at 9:15!