Iron Wing Live Presents GOLDWING

GOLDWING is an Atlanta based rock band that delivers. They came up to Iron Wing Studios for a long weekend to track three of their debut songs and blew them away. Their skillful and compelling writing, incredible musicianship, and powerful delivery can't be denied; and urges to be shared. 

You are in luck, GOLDWING is coming back into town for Bunbury Music Festival! Check out their set Friday July 11th on the Lawn Stage at 2:45! 

You can still enter to win a set of 3 day passes to Bunbury Music Festival HERE!


Iron Wing Recording Studios present Iron Wing Live!

Iron Wing Recording Studios is a full service recording studio located in Covington, Kentucky. They have everything you need to record, mix and master your sounds. They have recently started Iron Wing Live. Hand selecting artists that they work with for a special video of a recording session....