Iron Wing Recording Studios present Iron Wing Live!

Iron Wing Recording Studios is a full service recording studio located in Covington, Kentucky. They have everything you need to record, mix and master your sounds. They have recently started Iron Wing Live. Hand selecting artists that they work with for a special video of a recording session. is honored that they have chosen to release these videos through us. Keep your eye out for these videos; they are ones not to be missed.

We sat down with Iron Wing Recording Studios to see what these guys are all about.

How did Iron Wing Studios come to be?
Iron Wing's owner, Brandon Weaver, grew up in Northern Kentucky. In seventh grade his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he spent his high school and college years soaking in the South's rich musical diversity. He moved back to Cincinnati in 2007 to open Iron Wing Studios, believing, wholeheartedly, the next "sound" the world is waiting for is coming out of Greater Cincinnati. He wanted to be there to help capture and share it.

The first year of his return to the Bluegrass State was filled with designing and building the facilities for Iron Wing Studios with his wife, Lindsey, and brother, Jeremy. After a lot of blood, sweat, and a few celebratory tears, Iron Wing opened its doors in 2008.

Tell us a bit about Iron Wing Studios…
Iron Wing is primarily a creative space for musicians and songwriters. We are here to help bands and artists capture their best performances; their best songs; recorded in an optimal and efficient way, by providing a comfortable, relaxed, judgment free environment where ideas can flow straight from the heart and soul, through the body, onto a hard drive. We try to make the technology side of recording as transparent as possible. To that end, we have an incredible team that can assist with anything from songwriting, to pre-production, to tracking, mixing, mastering, and all the little bits in between that take a song from concept to finished masterpiece. We also have a large pool of very talented musicians to draw from when that is needed to fulfill the artist's vision.

Most recently we've started capturing performances and creative studio moments with video; adding to our musical/audio expertise. This has been a very exciting time for us as video is becoming ever increasingly important for bands to reach their widest audience. We want artists to succeed, and video gives us another tool to aid in that.

What is the premise of Iron Wing Live?
The concept of Iron Wing Live is capturing a live performance in the pristine audio environment of a recording studio. It’s about getting back to something real, emotional, and raw, while not sacrificing audio quality; giving artists a comfortable, relaxed environment to perform their best; and giving an audience a glimpse of an artist or band performing live in a studio - a joy few are fortunate to experience.
Ideally these performances would all happen in one take, but we often have to do multiple passes of a song in order to get sufficient camera angles. All the audio is live though. What you’re seeing is what you’re hearing.

How did you choose the artists for your video series?
All the Iron Wing Live artists, to date, have been selected on a relational basis - artists we’ve worked with, or that have connected with us along the way. We come across so many amazing and talented people/bands. These videos give us a way to share with our community, and the world, some of the incredible talent that we have the pleasure of working with. The hope is that, through these IWL videos, the artists touch an audience that they may not reach otherwise - and the same for the studio.

What is next for Iron Wing Studio?
We are on a journey, listening for that next “sound” that Brandon was looking for when Iron Wing began. We plan on capturing a lot of great music and footage along the way. The demand for video continues to grow, so we plan to grow with it - always melding music with the visual. We’ll continue to search for ways to help bands and artists fulfill their vision, succeed, and thrive. We also believe in Cincinnati, and hope to become a greater part of what’s happening with music in this great city.


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