Gardens Open for Prawn at Rohs Street Cafe

On July 25th, at Rohs Street Café, 5 bands are set to take the stage for what promises to be a supremely fun night of some of the best post-rock, emo, rock, and pop-punk to hit the town in quite some time. 

While New Jersey’s Prawn will be headlining, Chicago’s Gardens are set to open the show with their emotive, heavier take on the current, so-called Emo Revival, calling to mind bands like Balance And Composure. Below, you’ll find a quick introduction to the band, from the band itself. Thanks to Jackson for taking the time to answer my questions.

Where are you from and when did you start?
We are from Chicago, IL, where we all grew up. The band came together over a year ago, but stuff ended up falling through so we didn't seriously start playing and writing until August of 2013. 

Can you give us a little background on the band?
In high school we had all been a part of bands, but once we all parted ways after graduation, music seemed like a distant dream. Fast forward 3 years with college graduation on the horizon we all ended up back in the Chicago area. One thing led to another and it all came together in the Fall of 2013 when we wrote our first EP and started playing shows. We quickly realized that our musical style and passion was more than just a hobby and decided to take it a step further when we chose to write and record a full length record.  

What’s been the best tour or show experience you’ve had so far?
Best show experience has to be when we drove out to Grand Rapids, MI to play a house show with our friends in Small Town Victory. We have been out there a couple other times and its always a blast. 

Is anyone in the band currently involved in any other projects? Were any of you involved in any before this? 
Currently we are all focused on Gardens. Back in high school we were all in smaller bands. 

Do you have any records or EP’s out?
Yeah, our debut EP Everything Looks Different in the Daylight is on our Bandcamp page as well as a single from our upcoming LP. 

Can you talk a bit about recording and releasing them?
When we initially chose to record Everything Looks Different, none of us had previous experience professionally recording music, being that our past bands recorded in bedrooms and basements. Despite that we were able to record Everything Looks Different this past fall and release it independently. 

Do you have any releases coming up?
We just recently drove out to California and recorded our first LP in June. Currently we are still in the mixing process, but we are very excited to release and share the new music with everyone. 

After this show or tour, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?
Our plans for the rest of the summer will mostly be to play as many shows as we can while we work on finalizing everything for the new record. 

Anything else you’d like to add or mention?
Our music can be found at


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