BoyMeetsWorld Talks Warped Tour

A five member and a two-year-old pop-punk band straight from their hometown of Cincinnati, OH have been touring with Van’s Warped Tour this summer and are more than ready to play during their stop in their hometown on Wednesday.  The band is called BoyMeetsWorld and they consist of brothers Craig Sulken on vocals, Brad Sulken on bass, Ryan Sulken on drums,  and Pat Bryant on guitar and Drew Richter on guitar.

It all started when Craig started writing music in college three years ago.  A year later is when they all met up to officially play as a band. “I think that we all wanted to be "rockstars" at an early age, but never saw it as realistic(especially having our parents tell us it wasn't),” said Craig.  “That's why I went to college and started focusing on school, later realizing that you can really do anything with your life when you're 18 years old and have enough passion and drive.  Ever since then, this has been 100 percent of our lives, and I couldn't be happier at this point in my life.”

Each one of the members played in different kind of bands growing up, but decided that pop-punk was more suitable for the type of band that they wanted to be.  It is clear in their music that the band is very much inspired by other pop-punk bands such as Good Charlotte, Sum 41, and Blink 182. “I think we just really want to bring back the old fun pop-punk feel. Everything now just feels the same and we want to find a way to make ourselves stand out,” said Craig.

The band landed a spot on Warped Tour via the tour’s catering company. The band contacted TaDa, the catering company sponsoring Warped Tour, back in September and found out by the spring the big news.  “We bust our butts ever day helping to serve all the bands and crew breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They repay us by letting us promote ourselves in the lines every day and play a few slots on the Kevin Says stage,” said Craig.

They not only get to cater to other bands, they also get to perform in a few cities like Cincinnati. They have performed in Long Island, RI and St. Louis, MO and received unexpected feedback.   “People are very appreciative of what we're doing and that's really awesome,” said Richter. “We've also been amazed at the crowd and fan response in places we've never been to before. We have a ways to go, but it's starting to feel like a dream come true.”

On Wednesday, expect a high energy performance from the band and interaction with the crowd. “Our crowd reaction back home usually ends up being breathtaking, and we're hoping the fact that people haven't seen us in a little over a month will make it even more so for this time around,” said Craig.

While on tour through Aug. 3 and the band have hopes to continue to broaden their fan base, continue to promote, and to just gain respect from the other bands and crew members on tour.

“Besides all that, we want to come back and be able to say we had a great time this summer, and that's definitely not going to be a problem,” said Craig.  “We also hope to be able to include Warped Tour in our summer plans for many years to come.”



BoyMeetsWorld Touring With Vans Warped Tour

The Cincy pop-rock band, BoyMeetsWorld has been chosen to be a part of the Vans Warped Tour! They will be the official catering band of the tour & in turn get to play in select cities. They are one of the first & only Cincy artists to earn such an amazing opportunity.  BoyMeetsWorld will...