Foreigner Was and Is Your Soundtrack of Summer

After selling almost 80 million albums worldwide, Foreigner will be hitting the stage with Styx and Don Felder on Thursday at the Horseshoe Casino as part of their Soundtrack of Summer tour.  Foreigner and Styx had toured in 2010, but this time they are adding former Eagles member, Don Felder.  Don Felder was the lead guitarist for the Eagles in 1974 to 1980 and again from 1994 to 2001. Felder will be opening each show throughout the tour with alternating headliners Foreigner and Styx.

We sat down with Tom Gimbel, the multi-instrumentalist of Foreigner. He plays rhythm guitar, keyboards, keyboards, sax and flute. He gave us some insight on what to expect at the show. As well as to why Foreigner has been a long time supporter of the Music in Schools Program Benefiting The Grammy Foundation and the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

“I think people can expect a pleasant surprise really,” said Tom Gimbel.  “They can expect to have a good time and see what we call rock-n-roll, the traditional blend of rock-n-roll.” The crowd can expect songs like “Urgent”, “Cold As Ice”, and “Double Vision.” In partner with the Grammy Association, Foreigner will carry on the tradition of bringing a local choir- Young Professionals' Choral Collective of Cincinnati- for their song “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Many schools throughout the country are taking away music programs through budget cuts and the Grammy Association and Foreigner teamed up to help schools afford to pay for musical items.  “It’s kind of like giving them their first paying job,” said Gimbel.  “So the money goes into their program to help pay for instruments and things like that.”

Anybody who goes to their concerts can donate money and that money goes to the music program associated with the choir is performing at that concert.  “Those music programs mean so much to us because all of us played in school, so it’s very near and dear to our hearts,” said Gimbel.

One twist that audiences can expect this time around (given that Felder is on the tour) is a sing-a-long with all three artists to the Eagle’s song, “Hotel California”.  “I do think it’s a highlight when everybody joins together,” said Gimbel.

A kid friendly concert mixed with traditional rock-n-roll is the vibe that all three artists try to give on each tour.  Kids of all ages attend and sing-a-long to the songs that their parents grew up on.

“There’s something special about that, real people with real instruments.” Sometimes even the kids don’t get the lyrics or the titles of the songs correctly, like instead of “Juke Box Hero” “a kid held up a sign that said, ‘Juice Box Hero,’” said Gimbel.  “It was so cute.”

Regardless of age, all three artists make sure that everyone has an amazing time through the bright lights, “Good, Clean, Fun and traditional rock-n-roll,” as Gimbel puts it.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime performance at The Shoe on Thursday, June 5th. Show is at 7p.