Wage Ancient Warfare at MOTR on Saturday

“Let me make sure I have it all lined up. You want me to throw this thing into the tub when ‘White Rabbit’ peaks. Is that it?”

You don’t need Raoul Duke to throw the radio in so you can ride the waves of Jefferson Airplane to a more fanciful high. Ancient Warfare will ride that grungy wave with you. Echo Wilcox’s cryptic vocals bring the haunting contralto spirit of Grace Slick to complement a slow rock progression that brings Forget Cassettes to mind. But what really sets their vibe apart from fellow folk is the violin… Reva William’s looming bass lines twist with Rachel Yaranella’s strings to produce a melancholy whine that floats through slow progressions with easy rests in the middle sections (reference “Winter Time” on their Soundcloud), a slow ride that still doesn’t lose you along the way.  

Their other debut song, “Last Living Trial,” shows up to the party with a whole different sound. Brooding the edge of a country western campfire croon, Wilcox taps into her inner Johnny Cash with a 90’s alternative folk, Beck “Mellow Gold”-style spin. Add Emily Hagihara’s soft patting on the drums, and you’ll find yourself in an upbeat Elliott Smith production feeling all Dido-like staring into the clouds. It’s enough to make you want to open your windows on a rainy day with your favorite crocheted blanket, sip the wine of the violin and pet your cat for an hour or so.

Blooming out of Lexington, Kentucky, Ancient Warfare is no stranger to the Cincinnati scene. This will be their fourth time around - twice at MOTR - having played at The Comet and taking the stage at last year’s Midpoint Music Festival. They’re still fairly fresh in the music world, with only those two songs available for preview. But think of it this way: more Warfare for you. Saturday night, 10pm at MOTR.


Our Weekend Picks :: May 16, 2014

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