Discrimination Brought Inspiration for Jonathan Z

After long last, Jonathan Z is releasing his debut album, Through These Doors. This is an album you will want to sit down and pay attention to. The thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics come from his own experiences and will inspire you to want to be a better person.

In 2012, Jonathan Zeng made national headlines after being rejected from a music teaching position because he of his sexual orientation. Out of that discrimination came inspiration - Jonathan was inspired to write his own music for the first time.

Jonathan Z started writing this debut album, Through These Doors, in 2012, releasing several singles. His work and story resulted in thousands of online fans who funded the album through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign.

In addition to his extensive resume in musical theater and opera, since starting this project, Jonathan has performed with Josh Groban and on the same stage as Debbie Gibson.

Throughout the album, Jonathan delves into the complexities of LGBT discrimination, societal stigmas, religion, and the ever poignant subjects of love and romance, as they relate to his experience. Jonathan says "After working on the album for more than a year, I’m excited the project is coming to fruition. For me, this is both a creative milestone as well as the start of a new journey. I hope that my music will help others who suffer discrimination, within the LGBT community and elsewhere. Perhaps they too will be inspired to cope during difficult times through artistic expression.”

A professional opera and musical theater performer, Jonathan completed a graduate degree in voice from UC’s prestigious College Conservatory of Music. Though influenced by his theatrical experience, for Through These Doors he takes a modern singer/songwriter approach and style. Often praised for his versatility as a performer, Jonathan Z is the vocalist, pianist, and composer of the debut album, Through These Doors.

Through These Doors will be available via digital download for $5.99 on music distribution sites such as iTunes and CDs will be available for purchase at www.jonathanzeng.com

Upcoming Shows: Spring 2014 – Jonathan appears in recital with Cincinnati Fusion Ensemble; Summer 2014, Cincinnati Opera’s Silent Night; - Through These Doors tour information - TBA