Jonathan Z

  • Local
  • vocal
  • atmospheric
  • singer/songwriter

In a world of countless singer songwriters, Jonathan Z's impeccably trained voice, piano accompaniment, and provocative lyrics combine to forge an innovative path.. Jonathan Z's music is at once intellectual and accessible, dark yet hopeful, and stark yet emotional. Blending traditional ballad structures, haunting melodies, and poetic lyrics, Jonathan Z explores an ever changing society as a whole, while delving into his own internal human struggle. Jonathan Z brings to his music a wealth of

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Discrimination Brought Inspiration for Jonathan Z

After long last, Jonathan Z is releasing his debut album, Through These Doors. This is an album you will want to sit down and pay attention to. The thoughtful and heartfelt lyrics come from his own experiences and will inspire you to want to be a better person. In 2012, Jonathan Zeng made national...

Debbie Gibson (yes, that one) opens for local, Jonathan Zeng!

What a fantastic week to be celebrating Cincinnati Pride! It's been a great week for equal rights and the city is celebrating with a plethora of events for Cincinnati Pride. Start your night out right Friday with the Skyy Vodka Pub Crawl. Full schedule HERE.  On Saturday the Pride Parade starts at...

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