Ben Knight & David Faul: The Apple Hill Sessions

Photo Credit: Scott Preston -

Over the course of November and December of 2013 Ben Knight from Ben Knight and the Welldiggers and David Faul formerly of Terminal Union and now with Josh Eagle and the Harvest City, got together to work on some Travis style picking arrangements and songs. These sessions went so well they decided to record a couple of these songs at Apple Hill Studio. 

Six songs made it onto this lovely EP. However you listen to music, whether it be in your car or at home while lounging, this EP resurrects a style that has been hidden in the underground. These two gentlemen decided to pay homage to a style very much a part of them. And, for a moment introduce their fans and supporters to something a little different.

With “Cannonball Rag” as the opener to this EP, a song by Kennedy Jones, they lay the groundwork for the listener. The picking can take your mind back to a time that seems lost in this day and age. Hopping the rail with no penny to your name and seeing where this train will take you. “Homebody Blues” a song written by Ben Knight pretty much sums up how most people can feel sometimes. Just wanting to stay in and lounge around. “Deep River Blues” (Delmore Brothers), and “I’ll See You In My Dreams” (Isham Jones) two songs that release a style that both Ben and Dave enjoy and wanted to share. Apple Seed closes it out with a fifteen minutes of chemistry between two of the best songwriter’s this city has. A Ben Knight and David Faul original. Won’t say much else to this except you need to pick up a copy for yourself.

They came together out of a jam session at David Faul’s Apple Hill Studio. Through that session of getting together they realized they needed to get this EP out quickly. Lucky for us they “clicked” and put this little piece together. The similarities of influence and style are right here within these fifteen minutes. Hopefully in the future they would be kind enough to do something a little longer, but until then check out this EP and Ben Knight and the Welldiggers at any of the numerous shows they have around town.
As well as taking a listen to a show that David Faul will be playing. He is the artist in residence for the month of February at The Crow’s Nest on the West Side of the city. These two songwriter’s and friends wanted to share the connection that music can bring, and here it is waiting to be heard.