Reality Check with KT: Howlin’ Moon, Keep On Shining

Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons return to Southgate House Revival Saturday!

A few months ago I stumbled upon Columbus based, Angela Perley and The Howlin’ Moons.  It was a night I was working on promo, just dropping off posters to a venue, in yoga pants no less.  My intention was to be in and out.  I was totally drawn in by Angela and her band and ended up staying for their entire set.

I’ve seen her two times since then, I invited her to play a show with me and The Pickups in September and then again at Midpoint Music Fest.  I never really consider myself a “fan” of a band until I’ve seen them a few times.  Anyone can have a great night.  Anyone can have an off night.  But, after having seen the band several times, I have to say, I’m definitely a fan.  Angela and her band fall in that hard to define land of Americana Music.  She definitely has roots in old country, like Patsy Cline, but this is a rock band.  Her voice reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Cook.  Her band is tight but they’re not overly polished and have that fun loose feel of a good, rough and rowdy honky tonk group.  Oh man!  And did I mention, SHE PLAYS THE SAW!  I loved that!

At the show I played with her at Southgate House Revival, I got tickled by her introduction of a tune that I believe was called “Bad Reputation”.  Angela has a sweet speaking voice and a bit of a shy demeanor.  She intro’d the song, saying sheepishly, that she doesn’t gossip or like to talk bad about people but the next song was about, well, a whore.  And then the band ripped into a song that I might tend to call “punk”.  I get that.  I think all writers sing about stuff they may not typically say in “real life”.  Sweet is all well and good, but sometimes you gotta call a hoe a hoe.

Angela has recently released a new single, “Hurricane”, a hint at what’s to come on her full length album due out in January, “Hey Kid”.  You can check it out on her website  It’s a rocker that makes me excited to see what the full record will be like.  Even better, this Saturday, come check her out in The Lounge at Southgate House Revival!  It’s a free show and she’s playing all night!  I checked the farmer’s almanac and guess what!  It’s a fulll moon!  Sure to be a great night for some howlin’!

Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons
The Southgate House Revival
Saturday November 16th