PHOX Playing MOTR Tonight!

PHOX is an indie band hailing from Wisconsin. Just coming off an exciting tour with Blitzen Trapper, they are ready to rock tonight!

We sat down with the band just in time for the show!

Give us some background on PHOX...
We were all brought together through mutual life-collapse in our hometown of Baraboo, WI. Since then, we've all moved in together and have turned our home into project studio for A/V trickery, macaroni necklaces, screen printing, whatever the project calls for.

Tell us about your sound and what influences led you to it.
The idea was to write songs which were melody-first: we wanted them singable, but cinematic.  As far as influences, there's not one we agree upon. But we always find inspiration in our friends, from Daredevil Christopher Wright, We Are The Willows, and Cedarwell, there's always something to be found when you know the people who make the music.

How was Lollapalooza?! How does playing at a festival differ from playing other venues?
Lolla was incredible. There's of course a difference in grandiosity, from the stage to the crowd to the giant LED screen with our name on it, but the real difference is internal. We're very much a mid 90's Brett Favre-led Green Bay Packers. In other words, pressure helps bring out our best.

What is next for PHOX?
We've got this run of shows, then we get to hole up in the studio and make a record. It's exciting to make do with what you've got for a live show, but there's nothing like being bound only by imagination.

Monday November 18th