Get To Know Download Artist of the Week: Cougar Ace!

Download "Pencil" by Cougar Ace HERE

Give us some backstory on Cougar Ace...
Cougar Ace formed in 2008 originally as a duo. When Shawn and I first got together we started learning Link Wray and Chuck Berry covers to get comfortable as a band.  For some reason, it was easy for us to start writing our own stuff. Both of us believe that music and lyrics should be to the point.  Say what you want to say and move on.  

You can find song inspiration everywhere.  Sometimes the music / lyrics find you.  We write about everything. (current events, animals, death, inanimate objects, people, love and hate)

We just did an acoustic set at Crescent Hill Radio in Louisville and really liked the results of how the songs translated to an unplugged version. We look forward to expanding in that direction. When we are plugged in however, we will clean your clock.

One memorable experience of ours was when we drove up to Bay City, Michigan to open for a Rod Stewart cover band. During our set the sound board blew up and they barely had time to replace it before "Rod" went on.  


What inspired the song "Pencil"?
A former coworker owned a Palamino Blackwing 602 (considered the best pencil ever!). Ironically, this one of our more complex songs.  

What is next for Cougar Ace?
We have a bunch of shows next month. In town, check us out at Chameleon Dec 7 and Rake's End on the 14. Then we hit the studio in February and plan on a vinyl release of some kind. We also just welcomed a bass player to the band so we're pretty stoked at the possibilities.