Whiskey Bent Valley Boys play Washington Park!

From PeWee Valley, Kentucky (and plenty of downed bottles of whiskey and dancin’) these four fellers bring their old-timey bluegrass music. Pewee Valley, located in the rolling hills of Kentucky is home to them, and where it all began.

Whiskey Bent is JR on the fiddle, Robert “Mason” Dixon picking the guitar, Leroy Duane Jones on upright bass, and Chance Wagner rounding it all off with his old-timey banjo flailin’. With this brand of roots music, they take you through the hollers to a style that has been lying in wait. Where at a young age Mason traveled with his parents in their bluegrass band, and soon met JR through JR’s older brother a childhood friend of Mason’s, and his best friend. Mason taught both JR and Leroy and soon these three found the makin’s of what is now known as the Whiskey Bent Valley Boys. Soon after by “chance” they met Chance Wagner, after his band had met a crossroads, and rounded it all off for these boys.  

They bring their style of old-timey bluegrass up from under the ground and onto your plate, in the hopes that for a little while you can dance, sing, and enjoy the sounds of music that has been passed down to them from grandmas, grandads, moms, and dads. They bring it from out of the garage, and from up off the porch for you all to get whiskey bent with them.

As family goes with these boys, there is no shortage of that. Mason’s parents are their biggest supporters. Whether it is driving them around the country in the RV, filling their bellies, or just showing some good ol’, southern hospitality, they are a driving force behind the band, both literally and figuratively. Family is what makes this all the more pleasurable for them.

There are no frills with these guys, just a good old, down-home, foot-stomping fun time. The smile never leaves JR’s face as that fiddle wails and sings along with songs from generations passed. They sit in their half circle and bring to you songs that come straight out of the Appalachian Mountains. With that, make no mistake about it, they can hold their own, and will gladly lend a tune for anyone who has an ear. Their new release, “Peter Tracks” is now available on their website, and you can check ‘em out on any of the obligatory social media sites,  FacebookTwitter, and listen on Reverbnation.

Come see them this Thursday, September 5th at Washington Park for your own trip to PeWee Valley, KY via Cincinnati.