Get to know Download artist of the week: Magnolia Mountain!

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What was the inspiration behind "Midnight Man"?
For better or worse, that song is pretty much autobiographical. Kind of wrote itself.

Give me some background on Magnolia Mountain...
Magnolia Mountain's been around for about five years now. I'm a songwriter, and the band is basically built around my songs. Our sound these days is basically roots-rock/Americana (two guitars, keyboards, bass, and drums, with three singers) with elements of Muscle Shoals-style Southern Soul and old-school Country music thrown in.

What is next for Magnolia Mountain?
We're getting ready to release two albums later in July. The first is our fourth album, Beloved. "Midnight Man" is on that record. The second is my first solo album, Four Chords and a Lie. That one is split 50/50 between five Honky-Tonk Country songs performed with my other band, Bulletville, and five more stripped-down, singer-songwriter type tunes. They will both be released on the same night (Saturday, July 27) at a concert at the Southgate House Revival. 

Just prior to that concert, I'll be appearing at the Bunbury Festival with bandmates Renee Frye and Jeff Vanover, as well as going on a short solo tour with The Tillers up to Wisconsin and Chicago. Later in the year, the full band will be appearing at the Whispering Beard Folk Festival, the Metamora Music Festival, and the MidPoint Music Festival, among others. I'm also putting together a second "Music for the Mountains" benefit concert and compilation CD to fight against mountaintop removal coal mining. That happens on Saturday, October 12, also at the Southgate House Revival.

You can keep track of what we're up to and where we'll be performing on our website at

Make sure NOT to miss Mark Utley of Magnolia Mountain w/ bandmates Renee Frye and Jeff Vanover at Bunbury Music Festival!

Sunday July 14th
Cincinnatus Stage