The Hounds Below at MOTR Saturday!

MOTR hosts The Hounds Below, The Mitchells and Shoot Out The Lights Saturday!

The Michigan four-piece, The Hounds Below blends angular post-punk, rock and the balladeers of yesterday, mastering the art of mature indie- pop while still winking at youth’s never-ending need to wave a flag of revolt. The result is a modern love letter to the masses that manages to paint a canvas of hope detailing wasted days and blurry nights.

In their song “Chelsea's Calling’ vocalist Jason Stollsteimer sings out on top of angular post-punk guitar tones and house party-esque drums, “We can't stay forever, but we'll spend the night”. This line seems to sum up the general attitude of this four piece rock outfit. With a sound born out of Midwestern hearts and oceanic dreams , The Hounds Below aims to bring quality and pureness to the in dependent music scene in order to impact all who hear their recordings or witness their high energy live shows. Michigan natives Mathew Hofman (guitar), Adam Michael Lee Padden (bass), Will A. Shattuck (Drums), and Jason Stollsteimer (vocals, guitar) rely on each other to build on their influences (which include everything from early U2, archers of loaf, 1970’s punk, and all music that is honest and good) and keep creating the highest caliber of original music. 

The Hounds Below have had the privilege of sharing the stage with Airborne Toxic Event, BRMC, The Whigs, Band of Skulls, The Heavy, The Cribs, and The Ravonettes. sat down with The Hounds Below prior to the MOTR show on Saturday!


Who's your biggest musical influence?
musically my biggest influences would be.. a bit of Echo and the Bunnymen, early pavement and a touch of Bruce "the boss" Springsteen (yes, the boss)


What were you writing about when you started? How has that evolved?
When i first started writing the songs on our debut album "YOU LIGHT ME UP IN THE DARK" i was at a place in my life where i had the mileage to do some lyrical damage on regrets and temptations i had endured over the years. And being the songwriter in this group was a great way to find release for it.

Currently we are working on our second full length album, yet to be titled, and the songs are more about the current status of my immediate environment, good or bad

If you could work with any other artists, who would that be and why?
Ryan Adams, we'd love to hang out for the day and see how that mind of his works

What's it like on the road? Paint a picture of a day in the life on the road…
Touring is the what runs in my veins, it's constant change. It breathes life into my lungs and gives me reason to dive head first into a world of beauty.


What advice do you have for a new artist just starting out?
If you want to be an artist and just a cover band playing the hits, i would possibly avoid taking student loans out to pay for college. Take a few years to try and be a musician if it doesn't work out for you, than go back to school.

The Hounds Below w/ The Mitchells and Shoot Out The Lights
Saturday June 1st