Interview: He's My Brother She's My Sister at MOTR tonight!

He's My Brother She's My Sister puts on a super solid, energetic live show with one very unique element you will not find anywhere else…a tap-dancer acting as percussion! Their debut album, Nobody Dances In This Town has put them on the list for bands you need to know this year. Brother and sister Robert and Rachel Kolar split vocals while Lauren Brown drums/tap-dances, joined by Oliver Newell on standup bass and lead guitar with Aaron Robinson on a lap slide. In the past year they've played over 150+ shows with Neko Case, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Local Natives, Dawes, My Morning Jacket, and many others.

" impressive start.... [He's My Brother She's My Sister] prove they have the potential to become nothing less than Southern rock royalty." - FILTER had to opportunity to chat with Rob Kolar prior to the show at MOTR tonight! Who's your biggest musical influence? (past & present)
Rob Kolar: There are many. And it constantly changes. I'm pretty fortunate to have kept my boyhood excitement for discovering new (or old) bands and falling in love with songs time and time again.

Punk rock was my first affair and gave me the confidence that I could pick up a guitar and play. Bands like Rancid, Bouncing Souls, The Ramones, Swinging Utters, and Operation Ivy among others were teenage favorites.

More recently I have found a love for early 70s glam rock like Bolan, Ziggy Stardust era Bowie, David Essex, etc. and also more of an appreciation for country music. Namely the rootsy more modest end of the genre. Not so much the modern take.


CM: How would you describe your style, or styles? I read glam folk and I really think that's an amazing description. Please elaborate...
RK: We like to mix a lot of styles because we appreciate many genres of music. We like concocting sounds that mix elements of country and psychedelic or punk and jazz or folk and garage rock. Styles that don't necessarily mix in mainstream music but can work if you have the right mix of ingredients.


CM: Did you start off covering other people’s songs or writing your own original tunes?
RK: A little bit of both. But the inception was original tunes. We used a banjo more but it feels a little played out now. It's unfortunate when bands grab an instrument and start using it more as a fad than an artistic choice.


CM: It is quite necessary that I personally know where you all get your clothes? Did you all come to the band perfectly styled in amazingness?
RK: We were all really into expressing ourselves with clothing before the band and all the live shows have helped bring it out more. We all love hunting through thrift and vintage stores or etsy and finding good deals on great clothes. I think environmentally we also embrace the idea of recycling and reinventing clothes. Even mixing styles from different eras.


CM: Where does He's My Brother She's My Sister see themselves in 2 years? What is next for the band?
RK: A mirror.

We need to get an oil change before our show in DC tonight!

CM: Tap dancing on the drum? Genius. Did Lauren come with this talent or did this evolve?
RK: Evolution!


CM: Advice for local unsigned bands trying to find their own niche?
RK: Don't try too hard.

He's My Brother She's My Sister and Kopecky Family Band



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